We only start the design stage after detailed thought –in collaboration with our clients- on the best way of achieving their objectives.

The decisions made are shown through sketches, plans, measurements and valuations, which together create the project. This can be done to building works, specific installations, interior design and product design.

We work by making both design and budget decisions together with our clients. This stage is essential and even though it can take some time, the more specific, well-thought and assessed it is, the better controlled and faster the following stage of execution of work will be.

One of our attributes is a deep implication in creating, choosing and applying the different textures and materials that will be used. For this reason, we have a wide updated array of materials and products to use as reference.

In the department of graphic representation, we count with the latest methods so that all the professionals who take part in the whole process can perfectly understand and visualise the project. These methods include sketches, infographics, scale models, realistic plans, virtual images, etc.

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