Everything starts with the needs and wishes of the client. Our clients tell us about their dreams and aspirations and we understand and process that information.

From that point, we work together to review the different options and to choose the best one.

We offer a variety of architecture services, from small refurbishments to new constructions of buildings for different uses –residential (public and private), commercial, industrial, administrative or recreational. Furthermore, we are specialised in interior and product design, including object manufacture and distribution.

We pay special attention to two main areas: the creation of functional spaces and the study of materials.

Idea - Tomás y Bertomeu Asociados
TOMAS Y BERTOMEU · ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN Sanchis Guarner, 12 · 03760 · Ondara · 96 576 65 59 · tomasybertomeu@tomasybertomeu.com